Dance Studio Director WELCOME!

Dance Studio Director WELCOME!

The most completed solution for dance academy owners

Dance Studio Director is a suite including an application and services that helps a dance academy to manage and improve their business. It’s based on a web application where you can register and control your school. You can also enable social networks management to improve your subscribers and increase revenues and audio & video mix support to let you have perfect files for your ballets.

This application that helps dance academy owners to manage in a new digital mode their school. With this new application a director could manage in an easy way all aspects about dance school, from staff & students management to financial control.

Dance Studio Director is made in Italy and it covers all the world thanks to our cloud infrastructure based in Europe, North and South America and Australia.

You don’t need to install anything! This is a cloud based application that you can access anytime from a common web browser. And our support could setup all your school data on application!

So you can just login and it works perfectly!

This improves efficiency, speeds up all management topics and relationship with your customers.

It includes also an app dedicated to your students & parents available for free on Google Play and apple App Store. Thanks to this app you could keep in touch with your customers, remind lessons time, share payment status and send news directly on their smartphone. You can also enable PAY ONLINE feature to receive payments from your customers directly on your PayPal account.

Dance Studio Director offers you also a social network package including campaigns on facebook and instagram channels. You could reach out more customers in your city and improve your business. 

Dance Studio Director is a product made in Italy and it offers dedicated support 24x7x365 over the world in multi language. You will have a dedicated person that will help you during all the process with dedicated training, setup and continuous support.